1 Apr 2021

Please note that we have a payment method/gateway by PayFast and it is the preferred method of payment as it is automated, allocates payments instantly and 100% secure. All you need is a Debit Card, Cheque Card, Credit Card, Virtual Card or Instant EFT option offered by PayFast.


As from the 1st of June we will stop accept normal EFT payments directly in to our bank account and only accept EFT payments through the PayFast’s payment gateway on the client zone.


Debit orders have also been terminated as from the 2nd of April 2021, PayFast’s recurring payments has replaced debit orders going forward, if you need assistance with recurring payments please send an email to or click on this WhatsApp link to chat or WhatsApp directly to 076 791 5052.


Thank you for understanding and choosing Kulani ICT Solutions as your preferred hosting provider.